As a mother of two, I spent years juggling and building a business around family life all whilst in endless physical pain so I know what it’s like to feel constantly overwhelmed and hiding behind a mask.

Through my own self healing transformation I have gone from living every day under a black cloud to feeling joyful and fulfilled.

For over 14 years I have coached and mentored a large team. Over this time I have immersed myself in personal development and have learnt so much through my own therapy and study including a Level 2 in counselling. I use my knowledge and own personal experience to help women navigate their way through life’s challenges.

My mission is to help others see their own worth and to learn to let go of anything that isn’t serving them to create a happy, healthy life.

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I am super passionate about helping other women learn to let go of whatever is holding them back enabling them to truly shine their light.

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Do you feel like you are hiding how you are really feeling? Is your coping strategy being busy or reaching for a bottle? Do you wish you could let go, be your true self and step into your full potential?

Through mindset, the law of attraction and by learning to remove anything not in alignment, together we can set you free to live your most abundant, joyful life.

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I hold a safe space for women in my Day & Week-end Retreats to break through the overwhelm and take some time for themselves. My clients leave happier, full of love and ready for their next adventure.

"Anna's beautiful retreat was a turning point for me, I was very overwhelmed with things in my life and along with the therapeutic effect hanging out with a group of lovely like minded ladies had on me it helped me focus on what I want and start on my new path. Thank you Anna from the bottom of my heart for being so kind and lovely and wanting to share your knowledge to help others, I am so happy I met you!."

"I recently attended Anna May's retreat, along with a lovely group of ladies. We were introduced to and practised the fabulous Wim Hof breathing technique. Amazing! The food was yummy and moreish, the venue gorgeous and peaceful, and the coaching session was inspiring. Anna covered various topics in a warm and open style, we laughed, we shared experiences, and I learnt so much. My self-care toolkit has been well and truly topped up. So glad I went. I highly recommend this retreat. "

"Attending one of Anna's retreats gave me time and space to focus on myself - something I usually feel guilty about. It was great to spend time sharing experiences and thoughts with a fantastic group of supportive women led by the wonderful Anna. She listens with honesty and empathy and leads sessions with support and encouragement. And we laughed so much!"

"Anna's coaching was wise, relevant and empowering. It was so reassuringly helpful and kindly, respectfully shared.

With the feeling that you take what you may need. A wonderful kind day to oneself.."


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I'm with my family of boys and dogs, gardening, baking and wild swimming!

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